Hassa is a female Kilrathi, native to the planet of Hhallas, where she spent her childhood with her beloved friend Ralgha nar Hhallas. Their ways parted when she became a Priestess of Sivar.

She served in the local Temple of Sivar on the planet Ghorah Khar. She begun a rebellion against the Kilrathi Emperor and brought Ralgha with them.

While Ralgha was interrogated for treason, the Council met and decided that if Ralgha survived, he would act as an ambassador to the Terran Confederation. They communicated with the Terrans and arranged for the TCS Tiger's Claw to wait for him in the Firekka System. When Ralgha was released, she sent her slave Esther to bring him to the Temple. She explained that he must surrender his ship to the Terrans as a gesture of good faith, tell them about the rebellion, and demand their assistance.

While they were talking, she discovered that Imperial soldiers were outside her house. She unseathed her ritual knife and bid Ralgha to leave through the other exit.[1]


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