Stubborn and absolutely fearless, he seeks revenge against the Kilrathi for permanently wounding him during the Battle of Repleetah, which he served as a marine.

Chandra Karr later bumped into him. She described him as a short man in a purple jumpsuit. He tapped her on her shoulder: “Hector Paz. What can I do for you?” Mr. Paz is a human, roughly seventy. Not old by any means for a core civilian, but an amount of years which can take its toll on the frontier. I accept his introduction without question, as he has the build and the standing of a Confederate Marine. In fact, I realize as I start to reply he is not wearing a jumpsuit but a chameleon BDU which has long ago malfunctioned. “Well, I —”

Behind the scenesEdit

Hector Paz" - Grunt from Wing Commander Academy. This is where I try to explain that medicine in the 28th century means that it's ordinary for humans to live longer... I've done that for a few reasons, not the last of which being that I wanted to sue some pilots who were flying in the 2650s (Doomsday, in particular). There are also a few other examples of very old humans in Wing Commander, including Admiral Wilson in the movie (presumably a result of an earlier script).

Chameleon BUD" - This concept came from End Run and if you don't read carefully you gloss right over it - the Confed marine outfits change color to match their surroundings in that book. Here it's stuck on purple.

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