LCMDR Helen "Cassiopeia" Condon served with the 88th Fighter Wing on the TCS Tiger's Claw.

On her last mission she commanded a recon flight to investigate sensor anomalies near Cairo III. Her wing included Edmund Warbach, Sinjean Brun, Seren Sandalabra, Melanie Maxwell and Adam Polanski. They were ambushed by a full squadron of Kilrathi fighters that were waiting for the Claw.

In an exemplary manner, her flight recorded 23 confirmed kills and 5 probable, and she was killed in the conflict. Springing this ambush and neutralizing it, her flight prevented it from moving against the Claw.

In this action alone she achieved Ace of Ace standing. For meritorious conduct in confronting the enemy her wing was recomended to be awarded the Silver Star while herself was recommended for the Gold Star.