Hellcat V Medium Fighter
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The Hellcat V Medium Fighter is a spacecraft in service of the Terran Confederation.


The Hellcat V was developed by Douglas Aerospace. It measured 27 meters long and weighed 14 metric tonnes. Its maximum velocity reaches at around 420 kps with an acceleration rate of 225 k/s^2. The standard Hellcat V is equipped with 2 Laser Guns, 2 Ion Guns, and 2x3 Image Recognition missiles. The Hellcat V is designed as a multi-role medium fighter.

The Hellcat V can operate in an atmosphere, allowing it to play a critical role in ground attack missions and planetary assault operations. The fighter is extremely tough and carries both powerful shields and heavy armor.

Although the Hellcat V was a generally reliable spacecraft, it never gained the fame and glory of its predecessor due to a somewhat less powerful arsenal.


The Hellcat V was the successor to the F-44 Rapier II.

Hellcat missile

The Hellcat in the simulation

The statue of a Hellcat was built outside a chapter of the Academy. It was also featured in simulations ran by the Academy, flown by cadet pilots, around or before the year 2654.[1] It is possible that this early version of the Hellcat is actually a Wildcat.[2]

The Hellcat V was declared obsolete by the year 2680, and would be replaced by newer fighter craft.



  • The name Hellcat traces its way all the way back to the old wet navy fighter of the United States of America during World War II.
    (See F6F Hellcat)


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