Hhriss experimental fighter

The Hhriss experimental fighter is a Kilrathi starfighter from Chris Roberts' Wing Commander series of computer games. Its first appearance was in the computer game Wing Commander, only in the Secret Missions 2 campaign.


The Kilrathi Hhriss fighter was an experimental starfighter that entered service for the Kilrathi around the time of the Sivar-Esrad at Firekka in 2655. Christopher Blair encountered these fighters during the Secret Missions 2 campaign in Wing Commander, while in the Firekka system. The TCS Tiger's Claw encounters these new fighters along with the Kilrathi's new Snakeir-class Carrier.

The Hhriss fighter was designed to be a worthy attack fighter that would overcome the Kilrathi's Krant and Dralthi medium fighters in power and to be almost on par with the Gratha and Jalthi heavy fighters in speed. Its maneuverability wasn't the best, but its defenses were heavier than any Kilrathi fighter in its time. The Hhriss fighter was equipped with two mass-driver and two neutron guns, a total of four front-mount weapon array. Its missile payload included a singe heat-seeker missile and a single Image Recognition missile.

The Hhriss, while not mass-produced like the Dralthi or Salthi, proved to be a very fearsome opponent in combat. However, it was soon overpowered by much newer Kilrathi and human starfighters.

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