Hilthros vicinity

Hilthros or Sirius and vicinity on a chart


Space Naval Academy on Hilthros Complex

Hilhros is a planet of the Terran Confederation situated in the Hilthros binary star system [1][2] (near Sirius system).

Note: Some fans place Hilthros in the "Hilthros system" as the events of Red and Blue are said to occur in Hilthros in several sources. But the term "Hilthros system" is never specifically used. The events have also been said to have taken place at Sirius. However, the red planet in Red and Blue and the planet described in Wing Commander I&II are not necessarily the same planet (although the red planet was at least intended to be 'Hilthros' in the 'obselete' Academy bible).


Academy on hilthros

The Academy chapter on Hilthros or Sirius

It is the home planet to the Terran Confederation Naval Space Academy.[3][4]

The planet lies near an asteroid field inside a nebula. The planet may have a desert landscape and had a red sky (though this may be a nearby planet or moon within the Sirius system that shares the same nebula).[5][3]

Cadets Christopher Blair and Todd Marshall once discovered a Kilrathi destroyer hidden in Hilthros system's nebula. With Maniac's fearless flying counterbalanced by Blair's by the book combat tactics, the two managed to destroy the ship, which had already penetrated Confederation counterintelligence measures and gained access to classified data regarding fleet positions and strength.[6][7][8][5]

Cadets of the 201st Class were assigned by Geoffrey Tolwyn to complete training on TCS Tiger's Claw as 2nd Lieutenants.[5]

Blair graduated from the Academy on Hilthros just a month before the start of the Pilgrim Uprising and he and Marshall were transferred from the TCS Formidable to replace the loss of Bossman and other pilots. Through Maniac had been transferred slightly earlier (with Carl T. LaFong) than him , he joined up on the same transport.


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