The Hilthros system is a star system in Sol Sector. It lies extremely near to the Sirius system.


It is the location of the planet Hilthros, where the Terran Confederation Naval Space Academy is located.[1]

During a training exercise, Marshall and Blair had discovered a Kilrathi destroyer hidden in the Hilthros system's nebula. With Marshall's fearless flying to counterbalance Blair's by-the-book combat tactics, the two managed to destroy the ship, which had already penetrated Confederation counterintelligence measures and had nearly gained access to highly classified data regarding fleet positions and strength.

Note: Some fans interpret that Hilthros is a planet in the Sirius system, as the events of Red and Blue have been described as occurring both in Hilthros system (WC novel) and Sirius (Wing Commander Handbook). It is possible that it is a double-planetary systems sharing the two Suns of Sirius A-B, or Sirius-Hilthros. Each system in stable orbit around its own sun. Or two systems near the same nebula.

Behind the scenesEdit

This was an idea that made it into the canon, after a very young Ben Lesnick (Bandit LOAF) of Wing Commander CIC (who later wrote the Star*Soldier manual and lore material found within Wing Commander Arena) made the suggestion to the author of Wing Commander Movie novel.[2] Though he later forgot about its inclusion, and has made other suggestions on his website since then. However since it was 'published' in an officiallly published source it became canon, which is something he acknowledges.


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