Hurricane or Hurrie was a space-to-surface fighter escort used by the Confederation.


The Hurrie was mainly designed as a space-to-surface escort for the old Gladiator bombers and Sheridan marine landing craft. It had a twin seat variant, perhaps for training purposes. The nose of the ship had a cargo shaft.[1]

As a hybrid design, it was a mediocrity in its functions. In space it was weaker than a Wildcat space interceptor and down in atmosphere, weaker than a Hawk, being an easy prey for equivalent enemy fighters.[1]


Flying a Hurrie was considered some steps down from a Wildcat, or even a heavy Falcon fighter-bomber. Pilots disdained it, and no one wanted an assignment to a Hurricane squadron. However once assigned, pilots knew that they had to be the best to survive, and few of them asked for a transfer after mastering the craft. Cadets such as Geoffrey Tolwyn had a couple of dozen hours in that variant.[1]

In the 2540s it was still considered a primary strike escort craft. Some of them were stationed at Base McAuliffe.[1]


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