Planets Hyperion 2, Hyperion 4[1]
Affiliation Kilrathi Empire
Sector Vega Sector
Jump links Kurasawa, Cairo, K'Cris[2]

Hyperion is a star system in the Vega Sector. Although belonging to the Empire of Kilrah,[2] the planet Hyperion 2 was settled by the Terran Confederation.[1]

In 2638, an alien ship (a Kilrathi B'ru'k-class merchantman) entered the sysem towing the gutted hull of a Terran ship. It approached Hyperion 4 and left the ship and made way to the jump point. This was understood by the Humans a sign of challenge or warning.

Ships were dispatched from Hyperion 2 to investigate and the hull was formally identified as the CS Iason. The following days the hull was extensively scanned by Navy sensor teams indicating that it was totally empty. Admiral Miru ordered it to be destroyed and it was tractored into Hyperion also destroyed by torpedo fire.[1]


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