Jack A. Lombard was apparently a former student in the 201st Class] at the Terran Confederation Space Naval Academy in the same class as Maniac. His brother was Bryan Lombard.


The flight simulator at the Academy had taught him and his fellow cadets basic combat strategies, given him a feel for the different ships and cockpits and acquainted us with fighters from the Kilrathi fleet. But the simulated missions he flew at the Academy were hardly comparable to a real-life dogfight.

Back then, he wanted to suggest changes that would make the simulator a more effective preparation for real-life combat. He got that chance, though in a very different way than he had envisioned.

After he graduated from the Terran Confederation Space Naval (TCSN) Academy, he was immediately assigned to fly missions against the Kilrathi.

He flew a few missions with Hobbes, and got to know him.

He was flying a reconnaissance mission with Todd Marshall in the Gwynedd sector when he was attacked by a contingent of Jalkehi. Instead of obeying his orders and remaining with the escort, his wingman Maniac broke away and engaged two Kilrathi pilots in a dogfight.

In his Epee, Jack did not stand a chance against the seven accomplished Jalkehi pilots without cover from his wingman. He ejected from his badly damaged ship just seconds before it exploded. His injuries left him virtually blind in one eye and destroyed his career as a pilot.

Due to his otherwise spotless record, he was offered a teaching job at the Academy. Eventually, he became responsible for instruction in the simulator.

Behind the scenesEdit

One theory is that Lombard represents Bluehair, and is thus another Blair clone. Thought his story clearly detours and clearly significantly different enough from other Bluehair characters such as LaFong, Armstrong and Christopher Blair.

Depending on when WC Academy was originally intended to be set Lombard may be the instructor wearing the shades in the first episode of the TV series.

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