Jahkai was a Kilrathi lowborn (Kilra'hra) who had become the Kalrahr of Imperial Security for the Ghorah Khar system.


As a lowborn, his muzzle was blunt, his head flat, and his teeth revealed he was not a hunter, like the noble; his fur was coarse with mingled colors.

Many suffered to have him in this rank and he had many enemies who would be glad to see him fall. At a troop review, he brought shame on the highborn daring to imitate his betters. Ralgha nar Hhallas laughed in his face to repay the shame, and the two started a hatred.

Jahkai brought his suspictions to Prince Thrakhath nar Kiranka that Ralgha was a traitor. Thrakhath suspected a personal animosity in his suspicions but agreed to arrest him. Jahkai interrogated Ralgha in front of Thrakhath but failed to extract any guilt from him. Tired from this, Thrakhath declared Ralgha innocent and scolded Jahkai for being motivated by a personal grudge and commanded him to be more careful in the future.[1]


  1. Freedom Flight, chapter 1

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