Jalkehi heavy fighter
Manufacturer Kilrathi Military
Type Heavy fighter
Length 25.2 meters
Mass 20 metric tonnes
Weapons 4 Laser Guns
1 Particle Cannon
1 Neutron Gun turret
4 Image Recognition missiles
1 Dumbfire missile
Shield Standard shields
Hull 11-13cm armor plating
Speed 360 kps
Crew 1 pilot. 1 manned turret
Affiliation Kilrathi Empire

The Jalkehi Heavy Fighter is a Kilrathi spacecraft found in the Wing Commander universe. Its first appearance was in Wing Commander II: Vengeance of the Kilrathi.


The Jalkehi-class heavy fighter was the Kilrathi's most powerful fighter of its time. The fighter had an extremely heavy gun array with four laser cannons and a single particle cannon. The fighter also mounted a rear turret which made attacking from rear extremely deadly. In addition to the heavy gun array, the heavy fighter had five hard points for missiles. In general role, the Jalkehi filled similar role to the Confederation Sabre class heavy fighter although most considered the F-57 Sabre to be superior to the Jalkehi. The fighter has heavy armor and shields, making it extremely hard to kill compared to most lighter Kilrathi fighters. The Jalkehi heavy fighters were also extremely fast for its size and was able to take on most Confederation fighters through brute force. The main weakness of the heavy fighter was its maneuverability which is only slightly better than the Confederation Broadsword bomber. The rear turret on the Jalkehi partially makes up for the lack of maneuverability.

Wing Commander AcademyEdit

The Jalkehi heavy fighter was featured in the animated television series Wing Commander Academy. Gharal nar Hhallas leads a flight of Jalkehi fighters in Episode 4, "Word of Honor," and they show up on the flight deck of the Agon Ra Sivar in Episode 13, "Glory of Sivar."

Although the game's version of the Jalkehi was heavily armed, the show's version did not exhibit this. All the Jalkehi fires on the show is a single, central laser cannon. Gharal's use of Jalkehi to rescue a downed Dralthi pilot indicates that the fighter can serve in Search-and-Rescue assignments.

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