Jennifer Blair was the sister of Arnold Blair and daughter of Melissa Blair, and the aunt of Christopher Blair.

Background Edit

She was the wife of Samuel. She became a foster parent to Christopher Blair when his father and mother Devi Soulsong was killed.

After Samuel was later killed in a farming accident on Nephele II, she remarried and moved off world to find other work. She left Christopher Blair to be raised by his maternal grandparents including Abraham Truepath.

Jennifer Blair (callsign Phoenix) had become a mercenary by 2701 with 770 known kills.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

While it seems less likely that Jennifer Blair would have become a mercenary in her old age, and also likely she would have dropped her last name when she married Samuel. It is possible that the other Jennifer Blair is a half-sister or cousin of Christopher Blair, or even an daughter from his broken marriage with Rachel Coriolis after WC3.

The writers and designers note;

"Jennifer 'Phoenix' Blair" - Make your own story, ladies and gentlemen... Jennifer Blair was Chris' aunt and Phoenix was his original 'concept' callsign for WC2.

An individual with a callsign Phoenix appeared in End Run (believed by some to be a cameo of Christopher Blair, but never verified).

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