Colonel Jillian Ickes, M.D. was an officer at the Office of Special Psychological Operations.

Admiral Geoffrey Tolwyn had requested her to interview Christopher Blair and determine whether his trauma related to the death of his parents or his mother's Pilgrim heritage could be exploited by the enemy leading to any potential security risk.

While Blair was trained at the SF Flight School on Sirius, Dr. Ickes posed to conduct a research study into the early motivational factors of pilot candidates in order to interview Blair. He met Blair on 3 occasions, 60' each, during 2653, after mid-cycle exams when the Cadets' stress was minimal. Ickes also interviewed 3 of his classmates to substantiate her cover

As she wrote to Tolwyn, she found no special security risks in Blair's background or psychological makeup and did not recommend any further observation or restriction of his career.