Johnson Island was the Confederation's largest base after Earth, the Maginot Line of space according to Winston Turner. It is orbited by the orbital base Alexandria 20000 miles up. It was commanded by Ulandi, and since 2634, Admiral Nagomo.

Stationed on McAuliffe, it was the main Confed Fleet surface and orbital base for the entire frontier sector bordering the inward galactic border with the Kilrathi Empire.

To the southeast a skyhook tower links the planet's surface to Alexandria, one of the engineering wonders of the Confederation. North of the surface base are 6 fusion reactors the largest energy complex in the Confed. Almost all thousand gigawatts of power they provide go to the massive shielding systems around the ground base, and feed Alexandria through the skyhook. A massive array of weaponry, defensive perimeters and antiterrorist security ring the base. The ground facilities are also covered by an interlocking field of heavy batteries.[1]

A 3-km long landing strip was lined by hangars and work bays and hundreds of craft were parked out in front arrayed wingtip to wingtip. The vast array of strike power composed of entire squadrons of Hurricanes, Gladiators, Trident heavy bombers, Hummer light recon and strike planes, and really old ones such as Minotaurs.[1]

Despite Nagomo's reports that every one of them is A-1 status for frontline service, only 1/4 of them were: the rest served as spare parts, and the whole place was a junkyard. As Tolwyn noticed, many of them were without engines, guts or wheels.[1] {{references]}

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