Jrathek medium fighter

The fictional Jrathek medium fighter is a Kilrathi starfighter from Chris Roberts's Wing Commander series of computer games. Its first appearance was in the computer game Wing Commander: Academy.


In the fictional Wing Commander universe, the Jrathek medium fighter was a prototype fighter being developed by Kilrathi. Kilrathi scientist Hajjnah was one of the staff members in-charge of the development of the Jrathek fighter. However, Hajjnah defected to the Terran Confederation. He defected to the TCS Viking, taking the blueprints of the Jrathek fighter with him. The Jratheks made their first appearance in Terran Confederation flight simulators in Wing Commander: Academy. These fighters also show up in Wing Commander: Armada.

In Wing Commander: Academy, Confed flight simulators featured these fighters. These Jrathek fighters were equipped with two photon cannons, two plasma bolts, two Friend or Foe missiles and two Dart Dumbfire missiles.

In Wing Commander: Armada, the actual Kilrathi Jrathek fighter that was produced and seen in 2669 had a weapon array that included two flux and photon cannons, a total of four energy weapons. Its missile payload included two Friend or Foe missiles and two Image recognition missiles. These Jratheks were much larger and had a heavier defense than the ones portrayed in Confed's flight simulators. They measured at thirty-five meters in length and could reach a maximum velocity of 595 km/s, making them a fast and deadly fighter for the Kilrathi.

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