The Kilrathi Kamekh-class Corvette is a fictional starship in the Wing Commander game series. These corvettes first appeared in the computer game Wing Commander II: Vengeance of the Kilrathi.


In the fictional Wing Commander universe, the Kilrathi Kamekh-class Corvettes were introduced in Wing Commander II: Vengeance of the Kilrathi. These corvettes were the first Kilrathi corvettes to be introduced and were actually around since the year 2654, as they're in Hunter's list of capital ships encountered at Firekka in the novel Freedom Flight. Kamekh corvettes were seen on a couple occasions during Christopher Blair's assignment in the Enigma sector.

The Kamekh corvettes were smaller Kilrathi capital ships that were designed for small carrier or carrier group strikes. Much larger and well-equipped than Confed's older Venture corvettes, the Kamekh corvettes were well-suited for their task. A Kamekh corvette measured at one hundred and thirty-five meters in length and weight about thirteen-hundred metric tonnes. These corvettes had a weapon arsenal that included three flak cannons, six Image Recognition missiles, and four torpedoes for capital ship engagements. Kamekh corvettes were also capable of engaging enemy fighters if needed. With its speed and strength, the Kilrathi made good use of these corvettes during its time in the Kilrathi War.

Around the time of the Battle of Earth in 2668, the Kilrathi would replace these old and outdated corvettes with their newer corvettes. The Kilrathi would still use the Kamekh corvettes during the Battle of Earth, with most of them being lost in combat. In 2669, a different variant of the Kamekh corvette was spotted in the Gemini Sector. These corvettes had a heavier weapon arsenal that included two Meson blasters, two Tachyon cannons, an Ionic Pulse cannon, four laser turrets, two plasma cannon turrets, ten Dumbfire missiles, two Image Recognition missiles and a single heat-seeker missile. Even with a heavier arsenal, these corvettes would still prove no match against newer Confederation capital ships. Any remaining Kamekh corvettes were either decommissioned or put to secondary assignments.

Wing Commander AcademyEdit

The Kamekh-class corvette made a few appearances in the animated television series Wing Commander Academy. These corvettes appear in Episode 6: Chain of Command and Episode 9: Walking Wounded.

The Kamekh corvettes in Academy were much different than the Kamekhs featured in the game:

  • This version of the Kamekh corvette has six forward lasers (four in the wings, two under the nose), two missile bays (one below each engine) and an upper dual-mount turret, which was far different than the arsenal the Kamekh corvettes in the game had.
  • Academy's Kamekh corvettes didn't feature the four-wing design like that of the game.

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