The Kilrathi Kamrani-class Corvette is a starship in the Wing Commander game series. Its first appearance was in Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger. A later variant appears in Wing Commander: Prophecy.


The Kamrani-class Corvette is fielded by the Kilrathi. It has been active at least since 2669. The Kilrathi introduced this new corvette to replace the already old and outdated Kamekh-class Corvette, which was seen in Wing Commander II: Vengeance of the Kilrathi. No specific class name has been given for this vessel.

The Corvette was a small but heavily armed starship. It was not to be taken lightly by enemy starfighters from the Terran Confederation. It was equipped with four Laser Turrets, two on each "claw," and a much more powerful rear turret. Starfighters were most likely to get killed by the rear turret. The vessel also is capable of launching capship missiles for fighting against capital ships. The Corvette seems to have a larger crew than previous designs, since it clearly has two decks, unlike the Kamekh. Sensory equipment of some sort is on the ship's underside. It took a fairly long time to kill these Corvettes unless the player had a more powerful fighter. These corvettes, if placed in groups, could prove to be dangerous to larger starships.

The Corvette made dozens of appearances in the game. None of them really made any significant feats in the final days of the War. However, when the TCS Victory was fleeing the Ariel System during a brief but successful campaign against the Kilrathi garrison there, one Corvette tried to launch a capship missile at the ship. Fortunately, Christopher Blair shot it down before the Victory was destroyed. The Corvette acted as escorts for transports and destroyers, and often were encountered in pairs or even larger numbers.

After the end of the Kilrathi War, many of these Corvettes were either decommissioned or deployed elsewhere for second-line duties. During the Nephilim Invasion of 2681 in Wing Commander: Prophecy, a newer variant of the Corvette was seen. Supposedly, this newer Corvette version is still in service under the Kilrathi Assembly of Clans and is thought that several of these Kilrathi corvettes were lost in battle against the Nephilim.

Specifications - Kamrani-class CorvetteEdit


Length: 110 meters

Hull: 5,500 tons


Maximum Velocity: 160-200 kps

Acceleration: 20 k/s^2

Maximum Yaw: 5 deg/s

Maximum Pitch: 5 deg/s

Maximum Roll: 5 deg/s


Fore Shield: 1000 cm

Aft Shield: 1000 cm


Forward: 500-800 cm

Left: 500-800 cm

Right: 500-800 cm

Rear: 500-800 cm


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