Kika'li is a Firekkan beverage made of kika seeds, mixed with alcohol to bring out their natural flavor. Although alcohol doesn't affect the Firekkans, the seeds apparently have the effect alcohol has on humans.

Firekka's FinestEdit

The Terran Confederation diplomats who visited the planet liked kika'li as an acoholic beverage, and the Red Flower serves it to humans as Firekka's Finest. It is served on tall tubes made of a plant, hollowed out to hold the liquid.

It has a spicy smell, similar to that of jalapenos. It is hot and burns the throat like the juice of a cayenne; a drought is as strong as several stiff shots of whiskey, mixed with a gallon of Tabasco sauce.

It is perhaps for the purpose to boost Firekka's Finest sales that Firekkans demand a high duty (10 credits) for each alcoholic bottle that comes off-world; a Firekkan customs officer had Hunter put his bottles of Scotch in a case which was sent back to the TCS Tiger's Claw, in order to continue visiting the planet.

Hunter and K'Kai had a lot of Firekka's Finest rounds in the Red Flower in his first day of shore leave on the planet.[1]


  1. Mercedes Lackey and Ellen Guon, Freedom Flight, Chapter 2

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