Kilrathi carrier
Kilrathi Carrier
Type Carrier
Affiliation Empire of Kilrah
Turrets 2 dual mount, 7 single mount
Launchers 1 dual mount
Batteries 1 dual mount, 1 triple mount
Known ships of the line *KIS Naoukeric
Timeframe 2654

The Kilrathi Carrier, similar in design to the Hvar'kann-class, served the Empire of Kilrah during the Terran-Kilrathi War.

It has a full complement of fighters in a forward bay.


The carrier KIS Naoukeric under kal shintahr Drak nar Kul'rahg attempted to attack Oasis, shattering the neutrality agreement. The Kilrathi intended to steal the Maker, a stone with supernatural powers. However the carrier along with all its complement were destroyed by the Warrior King who directed the Maker's power against them.[1]

One such carrier served as the base for the stealth Strakha ship piloted by Thurahl (?).[2]

A carrier was in the vicinity of a ring planet which housed Priestess Zukara nar Kiranka and officers Garahl nar Hhallas and Bokh nar Ragitika. Maverick and Clipper were scouting for it but they were attacked by Zukara. The force under Bokh was tasked with finding and capturing the Terran survivor but Bokh sabotaged the operation, wishing to defect to the Terran Confederation. That carrier was also tasked to deliver a geological research team to a planet, during which Bokh attempted to meet with the TCS Tiger's Claw. However Commodore Geoffrey Tolwyn found this an opportunity to ambush a Kilrathi Carrier. Indeed Confederation Scimitars surprised the Carrier. Archer and Maniac went against the turrets. Finally it was destroyed by a torpedo fired by Mayo's (?) Broadsword.[3]

The carrier is featured in simulations of the Terran Confederation Academy. In one such scenario, cadet Marshall begun to move against the carrier, but then the simulation stopped because of a glitch.[4]



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