The Kilrathi Combat Armor is the military uniform worn by the Kilrathi throughout their history for 1200 years. A full suit weighs about 45 kg.

Throughout history, the armor has been a suit of jointed steel plates, nowadays a sophisticated alloy, and are coated with a transparent plastic film that protects against many energy weapons (disruption) and hard radiation (partially).

The helmet includes a radio (which is usually the only electronic device in the armor) powered by a photonicly charged crystalline power supply. The visor is coated with a polarizing agent (very similar to the armor coating) which protects against glare, ideal for Kilrathi eyes which are optimized for a lower level.

The tips of the fingers are usually kept exposed, to allow use of extendible claws in close combat.

The suit also integrates rudimentary life support systems. The interior is coated with semi-organic fibers that interlock in order to seal off the suit from hostile atmosphere and heat loss. They also filter out the air, and thanks to the Kilrathi metabolism, the user can re-breath the atmosphere enclosed within the suit for several hours.


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