Kilrathi mange is a disease contracted by some Kilrathi.[1]


It is said that the noxious green nutrient gas system was no longer standard in Kilrathi craft, following studies (late 2690-2700s) showing that prolonged exposure causes fur loss.[2]

The hairless ('hairlesses') ones are not well liked by those who still have hair, when it comes to possible mateship.

It is unknown if there is any known cure.


Single Orange Kil seeks Wing-
Cat, Lair Mate for blood-feud
against nar Qarg. Enjoys bare-claw
hunting, Maxims of Xag and the
true path of Sivar. No hairlesses.
Contact d’shrill@som’mers.clan


Behind the scenesEdit

Kilrathi mange was created as an explanation as to why Kilrathin the movies look more like hairless sphinx cats than tigers.

According to the Arena developers: "noxious green nutrient gas system" - The Wing Commander movie material explains that the green gas that obscures how crummy the movie Kilrathi look is a 'nutrient gas' that helps them stay battle ready. Personally, I think someone just took the green-and-black VDUs in the earlier games too seriously. "fur loss" - Hah hah hah. This is part of my original charge for movie references - explain what's going on and make fun of the whole debate. "no hairlesses" - Another jab at/explanation of those crazy movie Kilrathi (which do have hair, for the record... just not overly much of it).


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