The Firekkan flock-leader of the WhiteFlower flock, the largest and most influential flock of Firekka. Her sister is the renegade K'Kai and is the mother of Rikik whom she has chosen as her successor.[1]

Kree'Kai is also the Teehyn Ree, the leader of all flock-leaders of Firekka. With them she agreed to sign the treaty with the Terran Confederation diplomats.[2]

She participated in the mainmeal of her family which K'Kai also attended. She saw her daughter conversing with her renegade sister during the flock-dance, and called her back with an irritated squawk.[1]

She followed K'Kai, who became was chosen as Shenrikke (war-leader for all the flocks), in the resistance pocket against the Kilrathi. Kree'Kai was worried that the Kilrathi knew that her sister was the Shenrikke and because of that they targeted WhiteFlower over the others in their area.[3]

Preparing for an assault against landed Kilrathi ships, Kree'Kai saw that among the hostages embarked into one of the departing ships, Rikik was among them. She shrieked and against K'Kai's warnings, she dived from the cliff's edge, heading straight down toward the valley armed with an assault rifle. She revealed their position and other warriors flew after her to help the hostages. Kree'Kai was nearly in range to fire, but as she was aiming at one of the Kilrathi guards, a ship cannon fired, and she was burned in a blue light.[3]


She held orthodox Firekkan views. Once she had her mind made up, it was impossible to change her opinion.[1] She was a a fine flock-leader, wise and a good counselor to her people.[3]


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