Lang Tanaka was a student at the Progress University in 2641. For the requirements of her studies she compiled a research about the appearance of Navigational Powers of the Pilgrims as exhibited throughout the history of space exploration, intenting to prove to the discriminating mind that these powers were not a divine gift nor inexplicable luck, but the consequence of genetic mutation engendered by non-Terran conception, gestation and birth. She insisted that Pilgrims were not a new species of being, but merely a new race of man.

The CIS found her information is accurate, and considered it a veritable road map for some of the advanced theories inherent to the NAVCOM A.I. As her revelations would be harmful, she was offered a position at Akwende and asked to suppress her findings for the foreseeable future. The CIS then proceeded to clean up the historical records which allowed her to come to these conclusions.


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