Captain Larrhi was a male Firekkan. After the contact with the Terran Confederation, he became the first of his race to take off their planet. He became an idol for many "renegades" like K'Kai who wished to leave the planet, in the expense of the traditional family life. Confed newsvids mentioned him as a hero and brave adventurer among his people.[1]

Larrhi got some training and became a captain of Terran Confederation transports. When Firekka signed the treaty wth the Confederation, Larrhi was Prankster's guide downside in his shore leave, to witness the event. Prankster hoped Larrhi would transfer to combat pilot training.[2]

Freedom Flight mentions him as a Cnfed forces fighter pilot already during the time of the treaty signing.[3]

After the threats of Prince Thrakhath nar Kiranka, a major evacuation begun. Larrhi Led some Drayman-class evacuation transports away. One of them was escorted by Prankster and Spirit.[4]


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