Lieutenant Larry Dibbles served on board the TCS Tiger's Claw in Vega Sector.


He was in the same class as Christopher Blair and Todd Marshall back at the Academy, and graduated with them.[1] He was assigned to the Claw while Blair was on the TCS Gilgamesh for a short stint.

He was also an artist who signed as "Tooner". He drew a comic strip series titled TCS Hornet's Nest published in Claw Marks.[2]

In March he went to a routine mission with Rosie Forbes and R.A. Skinner as a strike team assigned to destroy the Ralari-class destroyer KIS Rathtak. En route, they saw two damaged Jalthi-class heavy fighters: one was tumbling without any stabilization hardware the other limping away with damaged thrusters and impaired maneuvering.

However Dibbles decided for a quick kill, and spun out to engage the damaged, but still active, Jalthi. 21 minutes into the mission, Skinner ordered him back into position and pressed on. Dibbles did not immediately turn back, probably planning to make a strafing run before turning back to his wingleader. It turned out that neither Jalthi was damaged. When Dibbles came within a reasonable assault distance of his target, it abruptly rolled out in controlled flight and engaged him. Simultaneously, the other moved into position behind Skinner.[2]

Dibbles was able to hold off his opponent for quite a while, but during the dogfight Skinner was destroyed.


Follow-up crews were eventually able to find the remains of Skinner's Scimitar and its "black box" flight recorder, and were able to reconstruct what happened from its record of radar images.[2]

Todd was transferred to the Claw to take his place. He and Rosie Forbes discussed the circumastances of his death while on flight.[3]


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