The Lumbari-class Transport was a starship seen in the Wing Commander universe. It is seen in Wing Commander I.


The Lumbari was a transport ship produced and operated by the Kilrathi Empire. It was actually a variant of the Dorkir-class Transport, not unlike the Diligent-class Transports and their Drayman counterparts, which were owned by the Terran Confederation. However, the Lumbari was a very rare sight on the frontlines, and was usually only found deep within Kilrathi sectors. It is unknown why the Kilrathi sought to create a variant of its mainstay transport. Lumbaris served with the Kilrathi Empire through the 2650s and possibly up until the end of the War. Their exploits are not well known, but pilots from the T.C.S. Tiger's Claw destroyed a handful of these craft during Operation: Thor's Hammer in 2655.

Specifications - Lumbari-class TransportEdit


Length: 68 meters

Mass: 58 tons


Maximum Velocity: 150 kps

Cruise Velocity: 100 kps

Acceleration: Poor

Maximum Yaw: 2 dps

Maximum Pitch: 2 dps

Maximum Roll: 2 dps


Fore Shields: 7 cm

Aft Shields: 7 cm


Forward: 8 cm

Left: 6 cm

Right: 6 cm

Rear: 8 cm


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