This is a Manual of Style for the Wing Commander Information Center Wiki. Most of these are to keep pages in a more or less consistent style across the wiki's many different articles.

If there are any suggestions on how to improve the wiki, or its style, please feel free to suggest on this links talk page.

Style Edit

Most articles should be written in technical out of universe format (but not too formal to be a 'strategy guide'), in detached third person encyclopedia format style. A 'passive' style is ok, but 'in-universe" first person should be avoided except in use of quotes. Quotes should be used sparingly. If there are more than 2-3 quotes, it may be better to split them off to their own 'quotes' page linked back to the original article.

The exceptions being articles that are intended to be archives of specific Wing Commander documents such as manuals, or strategy guides. Many of these are written in a first person or third-person in-universe perspective and when transcribed should be left as is, in their own articles. But paraphrased/edited to a more out of universe perspective when used on lore pages.

Strategy vs Lore pages Edit

Primary pages are written to cover in-universe history, technology and lore. Things related to pure game mechanics should technically be divided into a separate article. Minor details concerning 'game mechanics' may be allowed in a section "Behind the scenes" towards the bottom of a main lore page.

Canon material and conflicting details Edit

Please read Canon policy for understanding of how to use or adapt sources which may seem to conflict. When there is an unknown explanation or noticeable conflicting detail, or alternate versions of events in a non-canon path, one can use {{Bginfo|State the nature of the nature of the unknown or conflicting detail between these brackets.}} to discuss these elements.

This will create a box that looks like this between sections of lore/technical details.

State the nature of the nature of the unknown or conflicting detail between these brackets.

These sections may also contain limited behind the scenes information or 'theorizing' of explanation to conflicting detail being discussed.


Please ask before creating a new category for a page, or look over the current categories for something similar that already exists.

In general every page should have a category linking the topic to the source it appears in. For example;

[[Category: Characters (WC1]] (for characters from Wing Commander 1). But it might related to other categories as well suchas 'technology', 'organization', etc.

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