Template:Picture McAuliffe VI, also known as McAuliffe, was the primary planet of the McAuliffe system.

It is not clear in the canon if the planet "McAuliffe", the site of the Confed military base and the McAuliffe Ambush, is the same as the planet "McAuliffe VI", the site of a scientist base mentioned in the Wing Commander I cutscene. This article assumes that they are the same planet, based on a line in The Memoirs of Lieutenant Colonel Carl T. LaFong where "McAuliffe VI" is called simply "McAuliffe".

The Terran Confederation had sprawling planet side bases there, the main being Johnson Island. The planet has night only once in 40 years. It is orbited by the station Alexandria.[1]

McAuliffe VI housed a Terran Research Colony manned by the brightest minds. In 2654 the base was attacked by Kilrathi forces.[2]

If Maverick fails the Gateway or McAuliffe series, the Kilrathi overrun the base. According to The Memoirs of Lieutenant Colonel Carl T. LaFong, this is what happened.


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