Merlin was Christopher Blair's PPC interface for ship combat, and advice. He had Merlin since a child. It may have been taken from a F-10 Merlin from Peron.

Merlin technology is also standard used in cockpit interfaces. It is the latest mobile interface cockpit A.I.

The 2701 Pahktan Mauler has neither a holo-graphic viewscope nor a Merlin computer.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Merlin's only 'appearance' in the film is of the cockpit computer voice/AI that Blair interacts with. It is harsh metallic voice, and unlike the human mimicking holographic entity in the books. Although the script originally gave the character more importance, and better characterization.

Merlin is said to have been voiced by Mark Hamill, but he chose to be uncredited.[2]

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