Michael Anthony was a Midshipman and the roommate of Carl T. LaFong, and Christopher Blair during their years at the Space Naval Academy on Hilthros.


He lost to Todd Marshall in a simulator competition when Marshall defeated Anthony using unorthodox tactics.

"I was in perfect position, right behind and to one side of Marshall, and ready to throw the mass drivers up his tubes. He hit his afterburners and I followed. Then it looked like he put on the brakes, 'cause I flew right by him. He just rotated, fired a volley, and I was done. The whole fight only lasted a minute. He set me up and I took the hook."

Anthony was assigned to simulator, tasked to help the pilot get dressed, harnessed, and helmeted. When it was learned that he would assist Marshall, LaFong and Anthony filled Marshall's helmet with a mixture of manure, grease, oil and whipped cream before the final match. This event earned LaFong the callsign Prankster.

He got used to Christopher Blair's snoring after two years in the academy. He wouldn't miss it or the Academy bunks.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

In the Wing Commander Academy TV series Blair did not have a room mate at the Academy but rather is shown to have his own single occupant room.

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