The Midway-Class Heavy Carrier is one of the largest and newest fleet carriers in the Terran Confederation Navy.

Class OverviewEdit

Design and ConstructionEdit

Service HistoryEdit

Known ShipsEdit

  • TCS Midway (CVX-1)
  • TCS Mistral Sea (CVX-2) - Destroyed
  • TCS Tafanda Bay (CVX-3)
  • TCS Coral Sea (CVX-4)
  • TCS Jutland (CVX-5) - Destroyed
  • TCS Ptoloman's Rift (CVX-6)
  • TCS Enyo III (CVX-7)
  • TCS Bataan (CVX-8) - Missing
  • TCS Tripoli (CVX-9) - Missing
  • TCS Port Broughton (CVX-10) - Scuttled and Salvaged

Specifications (Wing Commander: Prophecy) Edit

Class: Multi-role Heavy Carrier
Length: 1,800 Meters
Mass: 200,000 Metric Tonnes
Max Velocity: 80 kps
Acceleration: 45 kps/s
Max Y/P/R: 5/5/5 dps
Shields: Phase
Fore Armor: 2,000 cm equivalent
Right Armor: 2,000 cm equivalent
Left Armor: 2,000 cm equivalent
Rear Armor: 2,000 cm equivalent
Turret Strength: 800 cm equivalent
Weapons: Dual Mount Laser Turret (25), Dual Mount Ion Gun Turret (6), IFF Missile Launcher (6), CapMiss Launcher (6)
Fighter Complement: 252


  • Wing Commander: Prophecy
  • Wing Commander: Secret Ops
  • Star*Soldier Manual

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