Mike (callsign Ranger) was a pilot on board the TCS Tiger's Claw. He was part of Alpha Wing along with James Taggart (his Wing Commander), Maniac, and one other pilot. He was shot down during a mission to take out a Fralthi with Paladin before the start of the Vega Campaign. Jason Armstrong Callsign Maverick was his replacement shortly before the Enyo series, around the same time Carl T. LaFong transferred to the Claw.

Behind the scenesEdit

Mike is referred to in the adaptation Super Wing Commander.

In the Wing Commander film, Maverick replaces Bossman, who also was killed before the Vega Campaign.

Star*Soldier confirms that Blair and Armstrong are two separate individuals, as was Carl T. LaFong.

The fourth pilot who uses the term "Mother Hen" is not clear, if its name is "Roger" or if Taggart was acknowledging him using the term "Roger".

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