The Murphy-class Destroyer was a Terran Confederation capital starship in the Wing Commander universe. The first appearance of these destroyers was in the computer game Wing Commander: Secret Ops.


Muprhy-class destroyers are first seen in the Secret Operations expansion for Wing Commander: Prophecy. Pilot Lance Casey and a group of his wingmen escort two Murphy-class destroyers, along with a Plunkett-class Heavy Artillery Cruiser, back to the TCS Cerberus in the Ella system in 2681.

These destroyers were equipped three heavy dual laser turrets, four heavy laser turrets, and four Image Recognition missiles. This arsenal was enough to face-off against small enemy capital ships and enemy fighter groups.

The destroyers main weapon, the Mass Accelerator Cannon, was not coded when the game shipped, hence its omission. The end of the cannons barrel can be seen ingame, forming the prow of the ship.

Notable ShipsEdit

TCS Arkhangelsk

TCS Foehammer

TCS Kuznetsova

TCS Leonov


(see Wing Commander CIC article)

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