The Mutiny on the TCS Gettysburg was an incident that occurred during the Kilrathi War shortly after the conclusion of the Enigma Campaign in 2667. The incident involved Jason Bondarevsky, who became a hero of the Terran Confederation following the event.


During the year 2667, a Waterloo-class Heavy Cruiser, the TCS Gettysburg, was stationed near the Kilrathi planet N'Tanya in the Epsilon Sector under the command of Commodore Cain. N'Tanya, a Kilrathi colony, was one of several Imperial colonies to rebel against the Kilrathi Empire in an attempt to join the Terran Confederation, and the Gettysburg was sent in to monitor the rebellion so that Confed might determine how to approach the Kilrathi Separatists. The ship carried a full load of Epees, Ferrets, and the new YA-18 Crossbow Bomber.

While the Gettysburg was stationed there, a fleet of Kilrathi transports, all of them carrying Kilrathi Loyalists, departed from N'Tanya in an attempt to return to Kilrah. Commodore Cain ordered his crew and his pilots to destroy the transports, but completely ignored the fact that the Kilrathi vessels were unarmed. The crew of the Gettysburg refused to obey Cain's orders in the wake of this and instead staged a mutiny against Cain and his supporters, with Jason Bondarevsky as one of the leaders. The ship was successfully commandeered, but it dropped out of sight amidst fears that the crew would be tried for treason when in reality they had resisted an illegal order.

Rigel Supply DepotEdit

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