Nametags are tags worn by pilots and crew members on Confedration installations and ships. The tags indicate the 'surname' of the individual wearing them.

Behind the scenesEdit

While the nametags are intended to represent the 'surname' of the crew member, in the movie there are a number of mistakes. The character intended to be Joseph Khumalo has the tag of Knight, and is also referred to as Mr. Knight in film/credits. But the novel and Handbook specifically link the character back to his in-game version.

Characters in the film also have their surnames listed on their 'helmets/caps/hats' in the film as well as either with a separate tag, or painted on the helmet.

A number of characters nametags can be read in the Blueray version of the film including Duce, Rick, and others, who otherwise are minor background characters who are not listed in the credits. Tag names may not necessarily match up with similar characters introduced in the novels.

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