Netheranya (aka Toadstool or the primary plantlife that grows there) is the third planet of the Hell's Kitchen.


Located in Day Quadrant. It is a mottled brown world whose oceans only comprised ten percent of its total area.[1] It glowed a hundred shades of brown broken by the occasional beige raft of clouds. It is hot and muggy, with overgrown fungi. One of the most undesirable places to live on in the Vega Sector[2] it was still the only habitable planet in the system.[3] It is located in the Vega cluster with Enyo, McAuliffe, Dieno, Pephedro, Blackmane and Cambria all within a jump away.[4] Nabco-Mills may lie nearby as well (perhaps a planet in the system or another system).

There are two confed strike bases located here capable of atmospheric defense located at  Tung and Sylee. The planet supported a population of a few thousand people and a few thousand Terran Confederation colonists live there to harvest the molds and funguses for medicinal purposes. This was also the location of the pilgrim enclave Triune.[5]

Near Triune are cities, suburbs, little farms, wine fields, hills that rolled on to the horizon. Children lined up behind their teachers, old men and women gamed in the parks. There were cool, dark waters of the many streams that ran through the simple land. The region was strikingly beautiful.[6].

Toadstool is either also named Netheranya or it is a binary planet.

Pilgrim UprisingEdit

The Tiger Claw was stationed here for much of the duration of the Pilgrim Uprising.

In the losing branch of the game, Toadstool becomes the place where refugees from the big colonies, such as Gateway system, arrive. Eventually the system is the last human presence in the sector, becomes overwhelmed and it soon evacuated.


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