A Major of the Terran Confederation Space Navy. He served as the commander of the TCS Austin's fighter squadron during the Defense of Firekka. Seeing several difficulties, he offered his resignation to XO James Reilly, who said he wouldn't accept it until they return to Confed High Command.

One time Hunter of the TCS Tiger's Claw went drunk in the Austin's Rec Room and Petrenko with XO James Reilly ordered the Military Police to carry him off the ship. The next time they saw that pilot was when he saved the Austin from an unexpected Gratha assault. Hunter expressed his bewilderment how that squadron came so close despite the intense patrols, and Petrenkov once more offered his resignation as his failures nearly destroyed the ship. Hearing this, Hunter suggested Jeannette Devereaux as his replacement.[1]


  1. Mercedes Lackey and Ellen Guon, Freedom Flight, Chapter 6

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