The Nutrient gas system was a system in Kilrathi space ships that pumped dense nutrient atmosphere around a Kilrathi pilot or onboard their ships. The nutrient gas was a synthetic manufactured gas based on the original natural gases of Kilrah (or at least related to the environmentally damaged atmosphere on the planet).

After the destruction of Kilrah's environments after many years of war, nutrient gases pumped into the atmosphere often made up the clouds on the planet.[1] Kilrathi civilization abutted a range of great mesas crowned by swirling clouds of nutrient gas.[2]

Nutrient gas has a sweet aroma at least to Kilrathi perspective.[3] To humans it has a sickly sweet, burning aroma.[4] It will cause humans exposed to it to fall into fits of gagging. Pure nutrient gas may suffocate humans, or at least incapacitate them, and Earth-standard atmosphere (seventy-eight percent nitrogen, twenty-one percent oxygen, and trace elements of argon, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, neon, and helium) is corrosive to Kilrathi equipment.[5]

The Emperor of Kilrah had a special suit that allowed him to breath the nutrient gasses without need of a special tube and helmet like most of the Kilrathi when breathing in Earth standard conditions.

The noxious green nutrient gas system is no longer standard, following studies in the late 27th century or early 28th, showing that prolonged exposure causes fur loss.[6] It appears most Kilrathi have learned to adapt to Earth-like atmospheric environments.

Hairlessness is not well liked among other Kilrathi.

Single Orange Kil seeks Wing- Cat, Lair Mate for blood-feud against nar Qarg. Enjoys bare-claw hunting, Maxims of Xag and the true path of Sivar. No hairlesses. Contact d’shrill@som’mers.clan

Behind the scenesEdit

From the WC Arena/Star*Soldier developer/writer gloss notes;

"noxious green nutrient gas system" - The Wing Commander movie material explains that the green gas that obscures how crummy the movie Kilrathi look is a 'nutrient gas' that helps them stay battle ready. Personally, I think someone just took the green-and-black VDUs in the earlier games too seriously.

"fur loss" - Hah hah hah. This is part of my original charge for movie references - explain what's going on and make fun of the whole debate.

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