Olympia Station was the first permanent human settlement on another planet out of Earth. It was established in 2167 on Mars by the United Nations and was supported by space stations on Phobos and Luna.[1]

In 2175 Drs. Gray and Bauer conducted experiments of space conception, gestation and birth using Rhesus monkeys with results similar as earlier experiments on Phobos Station: normal conception and birth ranges, slightly elevated stillbirth rate, and one of the resultant males showed psychotic tendencies and had to be killed. Subsequent generations showed similar elevations in stillbirths, and a recurring, inconsistent, level of psychosis. 2 or more monkeys escaped to crawlspaces between bulkheads and decks defying capture until starving out after several months.[2]

This colony became the primary staging area for humanity's migration to the outer planets of the Sol System.


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