Olympus Station is a Terran Confederation space installation in the orbit of Ghorah Khar. Its purpose was apparently to protect the Kilrathi separatists on the planet.


The station was obviously built around 2660, when the rebels of Ghorah Khar decided to secede from the Kilrathi Empire and join the Confederation.

In 2665 Olympus was attacked by an Imperial strike force of Grikaths led by a Kamekh-class, but they were wiped out by Christopher Blair and Ralgha nar Hhallas of the TCS Concordia, supporting Alexa and Jeager in their A-17D Broadswords. Blair and Ralgha landed on the station.[1] As they launched to return to the Concordia, Olympus received yet another attack, this time Drakhri and Jalkehis, that were repelled by the pilots before they returned to their home vessel.[2]

It was Hobbes who provided intelligence for the attack on Olympus that helped the pilots.[3]


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