Paktahn Bomber

The Paktahn bomber is a fictional Kilrathi spacecraft found in the Wing Commander universe. It's first appearance was in Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger.


In the Wing Commander universe, The Kilrathi needed a bomber that was strong enough to deal a great amount of damage to their enemy's fleet, which brought the development of the Paktahn bomber. Paktahn bombers were seen multiple times in Wing Commander III. True to its creators' intent, these bombers were indeed very lethal against carriers and smaller capital ships. Their missile arsenal was considered the heaviest payload a bomber or fighter could carry in its time. A single Paktahn bomber carried enough anti-fighter missiles to almost wipe-out an entire squadron and carried enough torpedoes to inflict a massive amount of damage. A squadron of these bombers were responsible for the destruction of the Confederation's TCS Behemoth. These bombers would see service even after the end of the Kilrathi War.

The Paktahn bomber indeed proved its worth to the Kilrathi during the final years of the Kilrathi War. Its front-mount weapon array included four plasma guns and two ion guns. The bomber was also equipped with a rear mass-driver turret for defense against chasing starfighters. The Paktahn's missile payload was indeed heavier than any fighter or bomber in its time. It carried a large payload of fourteen Friend or For missiles and six capital ship torpedoes. With an arsenal like this, a single squadron of Paktahn bombers can take out a small Confederation task force.

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