Parallel Tonality is an area of science studying some properties of the human brain. In practice, it concerns a human knowing what another human does without direct contact through his senses. Evidence of this phenomenon during the past centuries were attributed to telepathy, reincarnations or ghost sightings. Although the concepts were long established, through long and painstaking research the nature of those phenomena became clear.[1] Originally it was of passing interest in pseudo-scientific circles and experients took place in 2153 which were ridiculed.[2]

These experiments were discovered centuries later by Dr. Kyu Park who applied it to the conundrum of the Pilgrims' extraordinary abilities and thanks to the more advanced scientific techniques of his time.[2]

Karenne Kiyakova a graduate of the Carpathian Protectorate University proved that the Parallel Tonality explained the Pilgrims' mutant navigational powers: they knew what previous explorers had encountered.[1]


The human brain is a temporary "way station" for short-term memories, but not the storage device. It records memories onto an associated field. These Tonal Fields are similar to a gravitational or magnetic fields, but each is unique to the brain that creates it. The storage of information is comparable to the way an info-vid burner downlads its data onto a data-chip. It was conceptualized as a series of vibrations, etched into a parallel dimension, the Tanque Dimension, and instantly frozen.[2]

The brain at will reads back the memories stored (even after part of the cerebellum was removed) from that field. The independently extant field remains even after the brain is "removed". As each field is unique to its brain, an individual can only access the field scripted by its own brain, but crossover experiences have been accounted: a person might attunes to what someone is actively scripting; or accesses memories scripted from previous generations; or the script might encode a unusual degree of self-awareness.[1]


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