Lieutenant Peter "Puma" Youngblood was a young redheaded Terran Confederation pilot serving on the TCS Austin. While the ship was in Firekka as Honorary Guard to the Diplomatic Corps, he was one of the new pilots of his ship who visited TCS Tiger's Claw. He played seven-card stud with Spirit, Iceman and Hunter. He lost all his money to Hunter, although he was the last to remain, and when Hunter proposed another round, he left angrily the barracks.[1]

When the arrival of a Kilrathi cruiser was detected entering the Firekka system, Puma was assigned to fly with Spirit in Raptors. They came out of the asteroid field and found an ambush of 2 Fralthi-class heavy cruisers, and fighters launching from them. They began a dogfight but Spirit soon saw there was no way out and ordered a retreat. Puma was reluctant because he was on one's tail and Spirit launched a missile against the Kilrathi fighter, disappointing Puma who lost his kill.

About a dozen fighters came out of the cruiser and moved against them and the two pilots sped at the asteroid field to lose them. As the Kilrathi fired, his engine exploded and he spun helplessly backwards. 2 Kilrathi dodged him before he crashed on the next fighter, destroying both ships.[2]

Peter Halcyon carried out the eulogy during his funeral on the Outer Deck which was attended by Knight, Maniac, Bossman, Hunter and Spirit. Spirit felt responsible for his death and guilty for not being able to make him obey her orders. Hunter attempted to make her feel better, saying that a pilot who doesn't obey orders dies sooner or later, no matter who his wingleader is, so Puma got what deserved.[3]


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