Phoenix is a callsign used by several different characters. It can refer to Clarence McCloud, another Phoenix was a male fighter pilot in End Run, and also the callsign for Jennifer Blair.


Clarence "Phoenix" McCloud was a pilot in the 88th Fighter Wing on board the TCS Tiger's Claw. He was killed in action in 2654.309.

Another Phoenix and his wingmate scrambled up from a nearby base to defend an attack on the TCS Concordia.

Jennifer "Phoenix" Blair would later on become one of the runner-ups for top mercenaries in the galaxy by 2701 with a total of 770 kills.

Phoenix wing was also the name of a wing on the TCS Lexington.

Behind the scenesEdit

A Phoenix appears in Wing Commander End Run, some fans assume this was a cameo of Christopher Blair, there is no confirmation on this. Although at least in early development Phoenix was discussed as a possible callsign for the character who was later known as Blair.

However it should be noted based on the outdated 'biography' from the Wing Commander Universe Bible originally Blair would have been known as Falcon during the entirety of the Wing Commander 1 period, and would later earn "Phoenix" callsign roughly after events of Wing Commander 2.

Christopher Blair, The Blue-Haired Hero of the Games
Blair begins the game with the call-sign "Falcon," but changes to "Phoenix" following his vindication in the Tiger's Claw disaster. (He receives several promotions in the course of the games.) He starts out as a rookie, but develops into a seasoned pilot by the time of K'thritak Mang is destroyed. In WC2, he falls in love with a beautiful French pilot named Angel, who is eventually captured and dies (in WC3).
In WC3, he attains the rank of Colonel and directs squadrons aboard the TCS Victory. He becomes the Confederation's most hero to date when he leads the successful Kilrah attack squadron and delivers the Temblor bomb into a Kilrathi fault.

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