Planck's Star is a star of the Vega Sector, which belonged to the Terran Confederation. It has jump links to the Ulysses Corridor as well as to the Trk'pahn Sector.[1]

During the Kilrathi War, around 2652, Michael Casey encountered Dakhath nar Sihkag near Planck's Star.[2][3]

A Kilrathi destroyer had decimated the storage facilities, and a pilot from the TCS Tiger's Claw piloted a Drayman-class fuel tanker there.[4]

Behind the scenesEdit

In the non-canon losing scenario, Planck's Star, along with Hell's Kitchen and Alliance, remained few of the few Confed sectors in the the area that had not fallen to Kilrathi.[5] However, these systems soon fall. After the fall of Planck's Star, Kilrathi forces, including a Fralthi-class and Bhurak Starkiller headed for Hell's Kitchen.[6]


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