Taryn Cross is coordinator of Exploratory Services efforts in the Pleiades Sector. She is best known for her discovery of the ‘Delta Quad’ group of star systems in Gemini.

2645-2653 Abandoning their effort to penetrate the Terran front lines in the central sectors of the border worlds, the Kilrathi switch the focus of their attack to the Pleiades Sector. After initial Kilrathi success, Terran defenses hold. This front, too, settles down to a stalemate.

Pleiades Sector is a sector of space that the TCS Tiger's Claw served in at times during the Vega Campaign (which took place largely in the Vega Sector).

As this info is from early draft versions of Wing Commander Academy bible, its not clear how 'accurate' it is to later information, and is possibly obsolete as it was left unused.

Behind the scenesEdit

"Pleiades Sector" - This is where Wing Commander Academy (the TV show) took place, according to the show's bible. It needs to be added to the Universe Map someday.


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