The Plunkett-class Heavy Artillery Cruiser is a cruiser-class capital ship that served under the Terran Confederation fleet in the Wing Commander universe. The first appearance of these cruisers were in the computer game Wing Commander: Secret Ops.


These Plunkett cruisers were first seen in Secret Ops. In Secret Ops, Lance Casey and several of his wingmen fly and escort the TCS Tereshkova, a Plunkett-class cruiser, along with two Murphy-class Destroyers to the TCS Cerberus, which was assigned in the Ella system at the current time.

The newer Plunkett-class cruisers are larger, much more powerful cruisers than any cruiser the Confederation ever produced. It measured a massive one thousand and two hundred meters long, which is almost three times the size of the Tallahassee-class Cruiser. These artillery cruisers are also well equipped with heavy duty firepower. A single Plunkett cruiser's arsenal includes twenty-two dual laser turrets, three triple heavy Particle cannons, and a single triple heavy plasma cannon. Its phase shields and extremely well-built armor plating make this cruiser a formidable capital ship to face-off against. The Plunkett cruiser's speed is also a major improvement over past cruiser models. It could reach a maximum velocity of two-hundred and 40 km/s, 90 km/s more than the Confederation Cruisers and 40 km/s more than the Waterloo-class heavy cruiser.


  • The Plunkett-class Heavy Artillery Cruiser is named after artist and designer David Plunkett. David Plunkett worked as an artist for Origin Systems, specifically on Secret Ops.

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