Port Hedland is a series of missions found in Wing Commander 1 (including original, SNES/PSP (EA Replay), Sega Megadrive/CD and The Kilrathi Saga) and Super Wing Commander.

From an 'in-universe' perspective the game and its different paths to Port Hedland represents an interactive holo-game interpretation of events by Tristam Roberts (a personality based on Christopher Roberts, the creator of the series).


Port Hedland is accessed via a mixture winning or losing paths that lead to either Brimstone or Chengdu.

During the Vega Campaign (WC1), the TCS Tiger's Claw travelled here either from winning at Brimstone series or losing at Chengdu series. Winning at Port Hedland leads to Rostov series, while losing leads to Hubble's Star series.

More specifically to reach Brimstone requires winning in Enyo series but losing from either McAulliffe series or Gimle series. Winning Gateway series after the Enyo loss also leads to Brimstone. Wheras to reach Chengdu requires losing both at Enyo and Gateway series.

Bluehair (Carl T. LaFong in the Wing Commander I and II: The Ultimate Strategy Guide, Lyle Starbuck/Hotshot in MegaCd/SegaCd or Christopher Blair in The Kilrathi Saga, and Jason Armstrong in Super Wing Commander) and Knight flew missions together at Port Hedland:

Wing Commander IEdit

  1. They escorted a Drayman-class transportng TSCO artists to the Claw. They protected it against attacking Jalthis, and later an ambush of Grathas.[1]
  2. The new Fralthi-class was observed by people on McLaren. During a routine patrol of Spirit and Knight, they encountered a wing of Dralthis and a Fralthi, with its escort of Grathas.[2]
  3. Soon a massive Kilrathi force attacked Confed ships in the system. The Blue Angel squadron defended the Claw from Jalthi attackers, and then Spirit and Knight moved on to defend an Exeter-class being attacked by Grathas. Then they moved against a second Fralthi, but they managed only to clear its Krant escort before it managed to jump away.[3]


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