Proxima Centauri
Planets Proxima Centauri IV[1]
Affiliation Pilgrim Alliance[2]
Sector Sol Sector[2]
Quadrant Terra Quadrant[2]
Jump links Cygnus, Alpha Centauri[2]

Proxima Centauri is a star in the Terra Quadrant of the Sol Sector.

Proxima was one of the self-sustained Pilgrim settlements. By 2350 Pilgrims established regular trade routes between Titan and the Centauri colonies.

During the Pilgrim War, the Centauris were attacked and conquered by the Grand Fleet between 2633-4.[2]

Natives of Proxima Centauri are known as "Proxies".[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

"Because personally I'm about ready to send your butt back to Proxima Centauri for good."
Peter Halcyon to Bluehair[3]

In the non-canon losing scenario of Wing Commander I, the Terran Confederation loses the war in the Vega Campaign and the entire Confederate fleet is falling back to Proxima Centauri to prepare for the defense of Deneb Sector.[4]


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